Low Male Libido – 5 Steps To Increase Male Sex Drive Naturally

Vi har det mesta för dem flesta smaker och intressen. Era nya Sexleksaker skickar vi oftast samma dag ni lägger er order, givetvis helt anonymt och diskret. Titta gärna in i vår avdelning med nyheter, där kommer alla nya artiklar från de största leverantörerna världen runt upp, så fort de kommer ut på marknaden. Vi har artiklar för både killar och tjejer.

Low male libido is no fun and can have a dampening effect on your life. How can you increase male libido naturally to have a high, powerful sex drive and a satisfying love life? Is it really possible to improve libido naturally without pills or injections? Yes it is possible to resolve your personal problems related to low sex drive in 5 steps.

Causes Of Low Male Libido

First of all, know that weak male sex drive is generally caused by tiredness, stress, low testosterone, poor diet, bad lifestyle and poor circulation.

You can find solutions for all of the above without breaking the bank or taking any expensive medical pills that have dangerous side effects later in life.

Step 1: Libido Supplements

No man has to take libido supplements for a sharp boost, but they certainly help. Natural herbal supplements help to improve sex drive by kick-starting the body into producing its own natural hormones.

Testosterone levels can be boosted naturally by taking natural plant and herb extracts. Low testosterone is a very common cause of low male libido in this world where chemicals and testosterone-lowering products are hard to avoid.

Start off with a good, powerful herbal testosterone booster that combines potent aphrodisiacs with herbs that help to boost blood circulation where it matters (the penis).

Step 2: Nutrition To Boost Low Male Libido

Nutrition is the cornerstone of our life and the performances of our mind and body reflect what we put into our mouths and digest over the years. Too much junk food, white flour foods, carbs and sodas will eventually take their toll on the body by increasing fat, lowering testosterone and affecting the liver.

Your body will contain too many toxins and too much fat to function as effectively as it can. The libido suffers enormously from the negative effects of a poor diet. Instead, eat leafy green vegetables, lean meat, eggs, nuts and drink filtered water and juices. Stick with organic foods as much as you possibly can and avoid white flour foods and high levels of carbs.

Step 3: Intense Exercise

Excess weight and poor cardiovascular performance will not help you become a beast in the bedroom.
Intense and short workouts help you to burn fat, improve circulation and boost testosterone.

The 3 powerful life-changing benefits above should be enough to convince you to either take up membership with a gym, go running 5 times per week, or follow a personal fitness plan.

Step 4: Good, Deep Sleep

Many of us neglect to take care of the fact that a lack of sleep is often a cause of low male libido. While a man sleeps he produces more of the essential male hormones that are required for sexual performance. Testosterone is obviously the most important male hormone.

Sleeping well can help to increase male libido

To improve your sleep, avoid any bright lights or screens before bed, take your last meal at least 3 hours before sleeping and avoid any disturbing books or films. If you still can’t sleep so well, natural supplements can be very helpful. ZMA, 5HTP and L-Tyrosine can all help you to relax and promote better, deeper sleep levels.

Step 5: Improve Lifestyle

While many people like to skip over this point it’s very important that you take note of it. Lifestyle changes can result in an almost immediate libido boost that helps you become the high-testosterone man you always wanted to be. Reduce your intake of alcohol and try to give up beer completely (beer is bad for testosterone levels).

Avoid drugs and medication

Stop taking recreational drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine. Avoid taking medication unless you have to. Hair loss treatments, blood pressure and cholesterol treatments and other meds can all negatively impact sex drive.

Take up outdoor activities and get outside in the sunshine instead. Sunshine can increase male libido by improving levels of vitamin D naturally. Low male libido can be resolved by tweaking your lifestyle habits without really making too much effort.

If this involves seeing less of your beer drinking pals, then ask yourself what is more important: your ability to make love and satisfy your partner or having a few beers with the boys.

Low Sex Drive – How to Naturally Increase Male Libido

Low sex drive (libido) can be said to be an absence or deficiency of sexual fantasy and desire for sexual activity. This is also referred to as the biological need for sexual activity and is expressed in frequently as libido. The intensity of libido is highly variable between individuals as well as within an individual over a given period of time.

The drive is associated primarily with androgens (testosterone) and related brain pathways effecting motivation in both sexes. Male sex drive is stimulated to a greater degree by visual stimuli than the female sex drive. Women are more sexually aroused by romantic words, images, and themes in films and stories.

There is an obvious connection between the mental health of an individual and his sexuality because a man is more likely to be and feel sexier when he is feeling good about life in general. Therefore, libido as a topic cannot be considered in isolation because a lot of inputs come together to generate the degree of libido a man possesses – the more stable and happier the man, the more libido.

The overall health of the body and state of mind are therefore inputs that greatly affect sex drive. Anxiety, deep anger and depression, and other little psychological ills that befall people from time to time all take their toll on a man’s libido. Categorically speaking, Libido is just simply a reflection of how you feel about yourself, as well as how you feel about sex. You cannot separate yourself from the sex and vice versa.

As men age, it is natural for their libido to gradually decline but equally there are certain factors that could also cause men to experience a low or total lack of desire to have sex. There are a number of causal factors that can actually affect’s one libido and these may either be psychological, physical unfitness, lifestyle and even medical problems.

Psychological problem like stress, depression, relationship conflict, negative or traumatic sexual experiences, wok pressure, tension, hypertension and even lack of sleep can play very detrimental roles in diminishing one’s libido. Often times, treatment for depression, anxiety, and other conditions includes medications that have side effects that include the further dampening of libido.

The use of tranquilizers and drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure can also result in the loss of libido in men. Illegal drug abuse would also result in loss of sex drive. Equally a number of medical conditions and ailments like thyroid disorders, tumours, cardiovascular disorder, high blood pressure and diabetes are great deflators of libido.

A sedentary lifestyle, obsessive and excessive smoking and drinking habits, use of recreational drugs, and obesity are far greater treats to libido than once thought. Therefore there is a need to quit any of these libido inhibiting lifestyles before one can really boost his libido. Regular and consistent exercise should be embarked upon to help maintain a proper weight and improve sexual performance.

Also there is need to watch your diet. You can increase your intake of fresh vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A and E like carrots and cucumber, and also some food sources that are considered as sex enhancers such as oysters, chicken, beef, fish, garlic, ginger, and eggs. Also an increase in the intake of milk and milk products will help in boosting your overall libido.

However, refined carbohydrates, sugar, processed and fast foods and caffeine can trigger mood swings, irritability, and anxiety and should therefore be avoided as they tend to decrease libido. Also to be avoided are saturated and Trans fats (red meat, high-fat dairy, deep-fried and processed foods) which can impair blood vessel health.

Therefore, when considering boosting one’s libido, it should be realised that it is not just the supplements that you intend taking that will guarantee that your sex drive is driven to an all new high. You have to sort out the other factors mentioned above that play significant roles in either increasing or diminishing libido.

However, with all the changes effected as mentioned above, they alone may not necessarily be able to effectively increase your libido in order to overcome your lack of sexual desire. This is basically why supplements of all varieties exist to aid in the supply of sufficient quantities of most of the essential nutrients our body needs to function properly.

When looking out for a natural male sexual supplement, you should realise that most of the solutions do not work because they basically focus on the production of testosterone alone which in most cases according to research is not lacking in men who have low sex drive. Instead you should be on the outlook for supplements that have a good quantity of and are rich in the following four supplements for an overall male sexual wellness and an increase in libido.

L-Arginine – Nature’s Viagra
L-Arginine is also a major source of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, a substance that increases the size of blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely through the body. It is this function as a vasodilator that makes it most effective in increasing male libido as it relaxes the muscles of the penis and stimulates blood flow for stronger, harder, and longer erection.

L-Arginine is in fact regarded as a precursor to Nitric Oxide as it stimulates the release of Nitric Oxide from the walls of the blood vessels, thus improving circulation. There is need for efficient blood circulation in the body and more importantly to the genitals in order for an erection to be attained and maintained.

Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) is one of the most widely used and acclaimed herbs in the world. The word panax is formed from Greek roots meaning “cure-all” and Panax ginseng has long been considered to be one of the great healing and strengthening herbs in natural medicine.

Ginseng is classified as an adaptogen, which is a substance that helps the body adapt to stress and balance itself without causing major side effects. It has also been shown to have antioxidant effects, increase immune system activity, and also Korean ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine to treat asthma, digestive weakness and erectile dysfunction. Korean ginseng generally increases physical and mental energy.

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo biloba, a plant, has a long history of use. Ginkgo has undergone extensive research for a variety of health conditions. It is an antioxidant, improves blood circulation by dilating blood vessels, and reduces the stickiness of blood platelets.

It also increases blood flow to the brain and sexual organs (improves sexual sensation); has been shown to alleviate sexual problems caused by antidepressant drugs, such as low libido, arousal, and orgasm. It may also help treat heart disease, strokes, impotence due to poor blood flow, and diabetes-related nerve damage.

Horny Goat Weed
The herb, which dilates blood vessels, has been used as a reproductive system tonic to treat impotence and premature ejaculation and also as a rejuvenating tonic, as an aphrodisiac to relieve fatigue.

It is the dopamine in Horny Goat Weed that may be responsible for the herb’s use as a reproductive tonic. The increased dopamine levels in the body set off a chain reaction that leads to a release of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Also other evidence suggests the herb increases sensitivity in nerve endings, which may explain why it is prescribed as an aphrodisiac.

There are a lot of male sexual supplements that can help increase and maintain one’s libido and when considering a supplement one should look out for the above ingredients in the makeup of the supplement as the component used in the formulation are very important. Mostly importantly you should ensure that they are clinically approved and can be recommended by your doctor.

9 Factors That Contribute To Low Sexual Drive

A couple of days ago, I participated in a recording of a TV round table discussion on human sexuality in changing times.

I was especially interesting in this topic because I receive tons of emails from men and women, but mostly men who say that they’ve had medical check-ups and nothing is physically wrong with them and yet for some unknown reason they’ve lost their “groove” and with it their ability to sexually attract the opposite sex. Basically they are sexually invisible to women, and a majority of them have just given up even trying to approach women because “what’s the point?”

So what is wrong with today’s male sexual libido?

The word ‘libido’ is often used inappropriately to refer just to sexual arousal but sexual libido is a complex aspect of human sexual function. Sexual libido concerns our thoughts about sex, sexual fantasies, interest, and actually seeking sexual activity, everything that contributes to sexual desire or the drive to participate in sexual activity.

Consequently if a man complains that he is having problems with his libido it is important to clarify exactly what he means by this. The following review of the panel discussion will help separate out the many factors affecting today’s male libido and if you are one of the men affected by low sexual drive, this may actually provide possible areas of investigation:

1. So may men harbour fear and shame based attitudes towards sex

We are probably the only human culture where sexual passage, perhaps the single most important adult initiation, is ignored, avoided, or distorted. Many of us were left to piece together from peers and the mass media an understanding and acceptance of the power of our own sexuality. Because we have few meaningful, ceremonial means of discovering who we are as sexual beings we find ourselves wondering why the core hunger inside us – the emptiness we have been told we can fill with more techniques, more sex and other “external” pursuits – remains unsatisfied.

2. More and more men are terrified of women

They are afraid they will fail to prove their manhood or lose their symbolic status as “a man” if they are found as sexually undesirable or inadequate. Their fears are usually personal and often based on bad experiences that have nothing to do with the next woman.

3. The pressure to look good is no longer just limited to women alone

Poor body image is becoming a male problem too, with around half of all men falling prey to anxiety and embarrassment when attention is called to male physiques. Men are facing the same increased pressure as women to meet the standard of the muscular defined body that is promoted in film and T.V and magazines. Now if a man wants to attract a women with a great body, then he must have to have one too.

4. More and more men would rather view porn than have actual sexual intimacy with a real alive and breathing woman

Small wonder, if men are terrified of an actual presence of a naked, willing woman, it seems only logical that they would rather stay home and jerk off to porn. But the real question is: is porn responsible for deadening male libido in relation to real women? There are a lot of arguments on both sides of the table and the jury is not out yet out on this one.

5. As a man grows older or undergoes various kinds of stress he does not think of sex as often and therefore it is much more difficult to turn him on.

Though psychological aspect greatly influences male sex drive, male sexual desire, needs and abilities much depend on age and stress factors. It has been found out that testosterone level in men decreases by 1-2% per year. With an aging populating we have very limited testosterone in circulation. It is however important to not that testosterone levels vary between men of the same age depending on many features, such as mode of living including stress levels, general sexual attitudes, state of health, climate, genetic peculiarities etc.

6. Distorted emphasis on the “sacredness” of sex ushered in by New Age teachings is creating more “enlightened” hypocrites

The problem lies in the fact that these “new teachings’ so efficiently disguise people’s true thoughts, feelings and desires under a conventional form and language that ends up suppressing people’s ability to really express their sexual thoughts, feelings and desires exactly the way they are without censoring them to fit a certain philosophy or technique or whatever.

7. Too many men are zonked out on some kind of substance or taking some kind of prescription

It is estimated that one in every two males in North America consumes some sort of substance or drug that decreases the body’s ability to produce testosterone (male hormone). This includes everything from alcohol to Marijuana, from cocaine to heavy cigarette smoking, from antidepressants to tranquilizers.

8. Sexual encounters and intimate moments are ever meaningless

The usual approach is a hurried, forced event, in which woman’s orgasm is relatively rare and man’s ejaculation is prematurely speeded up by jerking back and forth movements – a mere three to seven minutes of sexual activity and “Oh man! That was really great!” The permanent obsession to reach ejaculatory orgasm completely screws up the ability to respond spontaneously to the moment. The result is bad sexual experiences, and bad sexual experiences makes men insecure with women.

9. Too many unstable attachments and bad relationships

Few men report having had (or are in) a relationship in which both partners know what they want and what they like, and are not ashamed of trying new positions and other sex experiments in bed, because they know each other for quite a long time. Shallow attachments and frequent change of guards just makes men more insecure and unsure about their sexual abilities.

Although a thorough appreciation of your individual life circumstances will benefit the understanding of what is affecting your male libido, it is important that the interactive effect of physical, psychosocial and spiritual factors all be taken into consideration

And remember: the sooner you do it the sooner you will be able to enjoy sex life and life in general again.

Christine Akiteng is an internationally renowned Sexual Confidence/Dating Coach and author of e-Books: The Art Of Seducing Out Of Fullness, Breaking A Bad Relationships Pattern, and Playing Hard-To-Get The Love Way.

The Difference Between Sex and Love

A BBC documentary ‘The Human Body’ presented by Dr Robert Winston films a sex education class.

The teacher, after writing up the word ‘SEX’ in large letters on the blackboard, asks the teenagers to suggest other words associated with sex. Some time later, the teacher asks the class for the one word that is missing and, after a pause, writes the word ‘LOVE’ on the board.

Despite modern contraception, sex still involves the risk of pregnancy, sexual disease and considerable emotional turmoil (!). So we promote the link between sex and love to ensure that young people understand the responsibilities associated with a sexual relationship.

A girl of sixteen came out to the South of France one summer. On her first night she met an Australian whose self-confessed ambition was to lay every woman in the resort. She fell for his chat and blond good looks and lost her virginity. The next day he moved on (mission accomplished so to speak) and she was devastated.

Fathers are protective of their daughters for this very reason. They know that sex drive causes a young man to be highly focused on his own orgasm and that any idea of a relationship is likely to be the last thing on his mind. Since a woman does not get the same easy pleasure from sex, she offers a man short-term pleasure in the hope of longer-term companionship, mutual support and family (or a sense of belonging), sometimes referred to as ‘commitment’.

If young women are hoping for more than a ‘one night stand’ then they are best advised to make a man wait (at least a date or two) for sex. It won’t do a man any lasting harm to wait and if he is interested in you as a person then he will be willing to allow time for trust and respect to develop.

Casual sex is usually about the ego trip
In the long run, most of us find that having sex with someone we know and love adds something special to the experience. But that does not mean that sex and love are the same thing. Sex is raunchy, exhilarating, orgasmic and fun. Love is caring and nurturing. The two can go together or side-by-side but they are different. Women’s sexual expectations in our society are often confused with softer images of love and romance.

Sex education for teenagers (especially girls) should cover not only the reproductive facts but also how they can enjoy a sexual relationship. Most women who experience orgasm do so through masturbation or oral sex. Telling teenagers to limit their sexual experiences to intercourse makes it less likely that a woman might learn how to enjoy her own orgasm. Vaginal intercourse may lead to family but it was never intended to facilitate female orgasm, either physically or psychologically.

“In some cases, it was not even clear to the woman herself whether there had been an orgasm or merely high levels of arousal.” (p199 The Hite Report 1976)

Not every woman is attracted to eroticism and so many women miss out on the sexual fantasies that lead to women’s sexual arousal and orgasm. Shere Hite referred to women’s experience of heightened arousal as ‘emotional orgasms’ to differentiate them from real female orgasms. Perhaps the term ‘emotional orgasm’ is unhelpful.

Another way of differentiating between women’s experience of orgasm is by asking about the impact of the relationship. Some women explain their experience of orgasm through their relationship and the idea that their partner finds them sexually attractive. Many women never learn to explore their sexuality either through masturbation or through activities other than sexual intercourse and so they miss out on enjoying sexual pleasure and their own sexual arousal and orgasm.

A woman who enjoys orgasm through masturbation can enjoy orgasm quite separately from her relationship because her sexual psychology is driven through sexual fantasies. Each of these experiences is no better than the other but simply different.

Women’s Need for Affection Drives Regular Relationship Sex

Sex is so much more rewarding for women when they feel affection for their lover. In the early days a man is more motivated to show his appreciation for a lover by being affectionate. In asking (implicitly or explicitly) for sex a man is asking for a favour. A woman’s affectionate response gives him the confidence to initiate sex. As the affection dies, sex becomes a mechanical exercise for a woman and a man finds it increasingly awkward to suggest sex explicitly or to simply assume it’s on offer. So women’s need for affection drives regular sex within loving relationships.

Sex occurs much more easily in the early stages of a relationship because being affectionate with each other provides the most natural lead-in to sex. First a woman offers some affectionate interaction by touching or kissing her lover. Her lover communicates his desire by kissing back with passion, by touching the woman with an increased focus on the erogenous zones and by indicating his own arousal by pressing his groin against her body.

Some people suggest that couples who enjoy casual nudity are uninhibited. But a woman may avoid nudity if sex becomes focused on satisfying a man’s needs but fails to provide her with the affection she needs. Most usually women want intercourse when they are in love, in the early days of a romance. In this scenario lovemaking is an expression of their love but also it is only a small part of the quality time they spend with a lover.

A woman may instinctively want children but this desire is only indirectly related to sex by responding to a man’s initiative. Women engage in intimate relationships because of their need for affectionate companionship (that is sometimes combined with a desire for sexual activity). In the film ‘Born on the fourth of July’ (1989) playing a young man paralysed from the waist down, Tom Cruise asks “who is going to love me?” Men need sex. But a woman is devastated (not by the prospect of missing out on intercourse over decades but) by the fact that she will never be a mother!

Despite all evidence to the contrary men insist that women must ‘enjoy’ sex exactly as they do. But women do not obtain the same kind of comfort from sex. So women need time to develop the much deeper emotional attachment that helps them justify offering a man intercourse over decades.

If we all had men’s promiscuous instincts there would be no long-term relationships. Someone has to be tied into one person. A woman does this with no ‘sex drive’ at all! Quite something if you think about it! Women may be passive in a genital sense but they have a strong ‘emotional drive’.